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This music pack has 17 loopable  tracks, plus 2 jingles for victory and defeat, totaling over 16 minutes of authentic 8 bit music suitable for any genre. Whether it's a platformer, a puzzle game, an RPG or something completely different, this music bundle has you covered.

Accent your beautiful pixel art with some killer classic 8-bit chiptune sounds!

Listen before you buy with  this sneak peek of the tracks:


Buy Now$20.00 USD or more

In order to download this soundtrack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $20 USD. You will get access to the following files:

A Hearty Fellow (LOOP).wav 12 MB
A Reluctant Hero (LOOP).wav 12 MB
Failure.wav 676 kB
Hurry! (LOOP).wav 8 MB
In Dire Need (LOOP).wav 9 MB
Jump and Shoot Man (LOOP).wav 23 MB
Meeting The Call (INTRO).wav 5 MB
Meeting The Call (LOOP).wav 10 MB
Old Friends (LOOP).wav 8 MB
Prove It (LOOP).wav 10 MB
Shopping For The Future (LOOP).wav 10 MB
Success.wav 722 kB
The Graveyard (LOOP).wav 14 MB
The Laboratory (LOOP).wav 20 MB
The Operation (LOOP).wav 17 MB
The Threat (LOOP).wav 4 MB
Vast Surroundings (LOOP).wav 15 MB
We Have New Info (LOOP).wav 9 MB
You Beast! (LOOP).wav 7 MB
8 Bit Booster Pack Art.png 32 kB


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Hi, can I use this on my Twitch stream? Thanks!


If you can provide a credit as:
"Music by Bert Cole

Also, drop a link to your Twitch stream below, so that myself and others can check it out! :)

Thank you! I used it for the stream starting soon screen on my solo game session today https://www.twitch.tv/bookofnerds

Great music, thanks again!


I am interested in making my own music for games and are wandering what you made this music with. Thanks!


Hi DomDevl,

I used a program called Famitracker to make these songs. Another tracker program you may consider is called Deflemask, which allows you to make songs in the style of a bunch of consoles like NES and Genesis.

There is a bit of a learning curve to using these, so if you are already familiar with working in a DAW, another option for you would be the C700 vst. You can use this one to make SNES style tunes as well.

All 3 are free, but I suggest looking these up on Youtube and getting an idea of what the work flow is like before diving in.

Best of luck to you! :D


Thanks a lot! I will try these out


Is it allowed to use them on Comercial Projects?

(1 edit)

Yes, you are free to use these tracks for commercial or non commercial projects.

The only things I ask is that you not share the music with people who didn't purchase either the pack itself or purchased it in a bundle. (Obviously you can let them listen to it, but they cannot use it in their projects.)

EDIT: Also, if you can provide a credit as:
"Music by Bert Cole
...it is very very much appreciated, and helps me out a lot. :)

The only other things I ask is to let me know when your game goes live, cuz I wanna play it! :D

Enjoy the tunes!


Hello, I got your pack from the RJE bundle and really dig these tracks just for listening to on their own. Is it possible to request .NSF format versions?

Hey King,
Glad you enjoyed the music! Unfortunately I do not have .NSF versions. These were unused songs of mine that accumulated over the years. That being the case, many of the original project files are MIA at the moment. I'll keep your request in mind and look for them, but as of right now I can't provide that format. Sorry!


The reply is much appreciated, thank you!


honestly, this music introduces a new style of NES music, and proves that they can be something new and enjoyable!

basically what you’d expect from a talented music composer!

Thank you so much Sumo!