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The Ultimate Station for Original  Retro Game Music!

Here you can easily listen to HUNDREDS of my songs for free, while you work on your game, art or just clean up around the house. :D

Want to use these songs in your own projects, royalty free??

Support my music on Patreon or Discord and access OVER 400 SONGS to use in your project RIGHT NOW!

Special thanks to Hikitsune Red for making this!

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AuthorsBit By Bit Sound, Hikitsune-Red
GenreRole Playing
Made withLÖVE
Tags16-bit, JRPG, Lo-fi, LÖVE, Music, Retro


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Quite a nice little thing; but I've noticed (on Firefox at least, I cannot comment on other browsers) that if I have this open in another tab, it will not advance to the next song unless I switch back to this tab.  Otherwise, I quite enjoy this for background music at work thus far!


Yeah, I've noticed that too. Not sure why it does that. :(
The downloadable version shouldn't have that problem though!